Advisory services Customs:

Receipt and review of all documents;
Request for Correction of invoices and / or other documents, if necessary;
Request cash, after receiving instruction clearance;
Pay or collect any fees, expenses and taxes;
Issuance and registration of the DI Siscomex;
Provide the clearance of goods, observing a shorter term release and economics of storage;
ICMS exemption when appropriate;
Issue of invoice entry and invoice complementary;
Analysis and monitoring of deadlines demurrage;
Advice and assistance in tariff classification;
Survey documents in case of inspection or audit;
Follow-up with the airline companies, sea and road;
Advice and consultancy on import of equipment and processes such as atypical temporary admission,material used, ex-tariff, etc.;
Prepare cost sheets when requested;
Provide removal or warehouse when prompted;
IDPs rectify, if necessary;

International freight forwarding:

Quotation of freight
Air freight quote
Sea cargo shipment consolidated (LCL)
Boarding shipping Full Container Load (FCL)
Air Shipment


Making documents: proforma invoice, commercial invoice, packing list,
Issue of Certificates: The Origin and FORM
Analysis Letter of Credit
Preparation of Cambio
Issue of R. E. and D.D.E. (DSE)
Release by the IRS
Collecting fees for subsequent airport and port transfer to the exporter.
Consulting and Analysis INCOTERMS.
Shipments under DOOR-TO-DOOR.
Locks and freight reservations square.
Coordination of air and sea shipments with other agents.
Consolidation of air cargo and sea.
Control of registration of customs clearance.
Mapping containers
Cargo Project.
International Fairs.